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    Balneotherapy means treatment with healing waters, including not only bathing, but also physiotherapy in thermal water, drink-therapies, medical massage and water jet massage as well. Balneotherapy is based on the buoyancy, temperature and the mineral content of the water.

    The Turkish Spa is unique for its water that contains radon:

    such water is very rare to be found. Radon enters the body either through the skin or through breathing. By stimulating the immune system, it is very effective in reducing pain and inflammation, and by extending the vains, radon is also efficient in lowering hypertension. Radon leaves the body relatively quickly, with a 3,8 days half-life.  Waters containing radon should be used on the spot, as the active radon gas is solved in the water itself. Radon also breaks open in much larger quantities, together with bubbles of other free gases. The Turkish Spa of Eger is unique enough to have this dual gas upspurge.  The thermal water springing right under the swimming pools has a skin-neutral temperature of 30-32 °C, that enables guests with heart- and cardiovascular diseases and hypertension to use it for medical purposes.

    Water gymnastics:

    30 minutes of intensive exercise with special tools designed for gymnastics in water. The buoyancy of the water helps the movements, the water helps relaxing the joints while strenghtening the muscles.

    Medical massage:

    aiming the relaxation of muscles, elimination of cramps, reducition of pain and stimulation of circulation.


    The treatment is usually made in a specially designed medical bathtub with a water storage capacity of 600 liter; with the help of a tangentor device. The bathtub itself is 1 meter wide, 2 metres long, normally placed in the middle of the treatment room, so that the therapist has the chance to walk it all around. The treatment is made by water jets, with 1-1 atm pressure and variable jet format. The water is 34°C warm, the jetmassage lasts for 15 minutes.

    Hévíz mud treatment:

    Full-body or partial masks ae most often made with mud. Referring to the history of medicine, mud treatment s are masks made of soil-like substances, the so-called healing soils. This is the origin of the internationally well-known phrase „peloid therapy", from the Greek expression of „pelos – healing soil". The mud we use is brought from Hévíz, and warmed up for 40-42°C after pasteurization.


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