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    Hammam evokes the world of Arab and Turkish bathing culture. Your body will enjoy a pleasant sensation brought about by the gentle warmth, the subtle light, the fragrances, the foamy scrubs and the massage.

    New hammam massage:

    Pomegranate (Aysun hammam massage)

    Sweet, refreshing, and fruity. The pomegranate-scented cold-pressed soap will give you a pleasant and special experience. In addition to vitamins A and C naturally found in the fruit, it also contains vitamin E, and thus has a natural skin care effect: it contributes to the anti-aging process and to maintaining the skin's level of hydration. Its fragrant aromas will energize you.

    Our ritual starts with a 15-minute sauna session. Using exfoliating gloves, our massage therapist cleanses the softened body of dead skin and massages the entire body with a lather of lightly foaming pomegranate soap. Once rinsed off, we suggest taking a 15-minute rest in the company of a refreshing Turkish tea.

    50 minutes


    Ginger-Lime (Bahar hammam massage)

    Our ginger-lime hammam treatment is a true energy bomb for winter days. The combination of anti-inflammatory ginger and refreshing lime will give your skin a complete renewal. After a few minutes in the steam bath, the treatment starts with exfoliation, followed by a soapy massage with a refreshing spicy scent. A 50-minute energizing treatment ritual, recommended for both men and women.

    50 minutes


    Opium (Duman hammam massage)

    Opium with its characteristic scent is the fragrance of blissful tranquility. Not only does it alleviate pain, it also strongly stimulates the brain's happiness center. After a 15-minute sauna session, the skin is sufficiently softened. Our massage therapist removes all dead skin and completely cleanses the body. After a 50-minute treatment with soapy foam, we welcome you to our relaxation room to enjoy a refreshing original Turkish tea.

    50 minutes


    Ground Almond Kernel (Adana hammam massage)

    Containing very finely ground almond peel, this almond kernel-based soap has exfoliating properties and gently cleanses the skin of dead skin cells. The pleasantly sweet almond fragrance ensures complete relaxation; the ritual will leave you with silky, soft skin as a guaranteed result.

    50 minutes


    Grapeseed Oil (Mileya hammam massage)

    Grapeseed oil is worth its weight in gold for your skin! It softens dry skin and makes it smooth. Should you have oily skin, it prevents sebum production and tightens pores. It nourishes and tones mature skin. High in antioxidants, it is packed with vitamin E, which also helps to retain and regenerate skin moisture. The treatment starts with a 15-minute steam bath. Softened by steam, the skin's pores unclog. Using exfoliating gloves, our massage therapist scrubs away the dead skin, leaving the skin completely clean. After an infusion with soap foam, our Guest will feel reborn. 

    50 minutes


    Christmas Hammam (Velvet plum hammam massage)

    Available only in December, a unique Christmas hammam treatment at the Turkish Bath! Experience the Christmas spirit in the most special way possible. Cinnamon boosts circulation, relaxes, and has a calming and stress-relieving effect on both body and mind. The delicate fragrance of plum helps you to relax completely while your skin is being cleansed and your mind is quieted. 

    50 minutes 


    Walnut Spell Hammam Massage

    Available exclusively in December, our Walnut Spell Hammam massage will take you to Fairytale Land. The intoxicating, characteristic and sweet fragrance of walnuts fills you with energy and radiates peace and love. After a 15-minute sauna session, our massage therapist removes dead skin cells with the help of a scrub glove, pampers you with a gentle soapy massage and concludes the treatment with a Turkish tea. Join us and enjoy a really nice massage in Cakeland!

    50 minutes

    Arnaut pasha massage (Original Turkish massage/bath)

    It is one of the most enjoyable massages, which gives its recipients the experience of true physical and spiritual refreshment. After a relaxing 50 C° steam bath and a thorough wet scrub, our guests will be pampered - lying comfortably on a heated stone bed- with a foam massage using olive oil soap and a cold - warm rinse. The hammam should be concluded with a pleasant stretch in the relaxation room.

    50 minutes


    Yasirah lily of the valley hammam massage

    Before the treatment, in the steam cabin of the Spa, the Guest "heats up" their body for 15 minutes, "softening" the skin surface. Then the 50-minute deluxe therapy starts. On our heated stone bed, our massage therapist will "exfoliate" your body from head to toe with a scrub glove, and after "cleansing" you, the therapist will have your entire body massaged with a lily of the valley soap. Meanwhile, the poppy seeds in the soap continue to stimulate the skin at a deep level and provide a pleasant effect on the nervous system. This leaves the skin visibly smoother and silky soft. With its aromatherapy properties, it reduces stress and energizes. The ritual is followed by 15 minutes of relaxation and regeneration, which you can enjoy while drinking a special Turkish tea!

    50 minutes


    Milk and honey hammam massage

    The secret of Cleopatra's beauty in the Turkish Bath! Honey, also known as liquid gold, is not only used internally, but also to make the skin and body more beautiful due to its high vitamin, mineral and enzyme content. Before the treatment, in the steam cabin of the Spa, the Guest heats up their body for 15 minutes, "softening" the skin surface. Then the treatment can begin. On our heated stone bed, our massage therapist will "exfoliate" your body from head to toe with a scrub glove, and after "cleansing" you, the therapist will have your entire body massaged with acacia honey. While honey absorbs the toxins that are released, it penetrates deep under the skin and infuses the tissues with the vitamins, enzymes and more than 30 minerals that are so important to the body. Then massage continues with honey and milk soap. The mixture of honey and milk has anti-inflammatory properties, leaving the skin velvety and silky smooth. After a cold-warm water rinse, we recommend a 15-minute rest accompanied by a special Turkish tea!

    50 minutes

    Rubaba rose hammam massage

    The rose was the first flower from which essential oils and rose water were distilled and is still the most valuable cosmetic ingredient. Its essence has a particularly rejuvenating effect on the skin! Rubaba massage is a special hammam massage, during which dead skin cells are softened, the skin is cleansed, and the body is refreshed. Before the treatment, in the steam cabin of the Spa, the guest "heats up" their body for 15 minutes, "softening" the skin surface. Our massage therapist will massage the face and neckline with fragrant rose water. Rose water moisturises, balances the skin's pH levels, has antioxidant and anti-ageing properties. After the face and neckline treatment, our massage therapist will "exfoliate" your body with a scrub glove, and after "being cleansed", the guest's entire body will be massaged with rose oil soap. The soft, sensual fragrance of rose soap and its skin-regenerating soothing effect complete the ultimate luxurious treatment. After the treatment, you can rest and regenerate for 15 minutes and enjoy a cup of special Turkish tea!

    50 minutes

     Black Sea hammam massage

    You will be whisked away to the most beautiful shores of the Black Sea.  The ritual begins in the 50 C° steam bath. The softened skin is then exfoliated with sea salt. Sea salt stimulates the regeneration of the skin, has a detoxifying and anti-ageing effect, helps to remove cellulite, replenishes the skin with minerals, relieves muscle spasms and alleviates stress. The treatment continues with a massage with hyssop soap. The soft foaming hyssop soap leaves the skin feeling renewed. It has anti-inflammatory, skin-soothing and pore-tightening properties. After a cold-warm water rinse, take a 15-minute rest in our relaxation room and enjoy a cup of Turkish tea.

    50 minutes


    Skin-toning hammam massage

    Our guest's treatment starts in the steam bath, where the 50°C steam softens the skin. Unlike the other hammam massages, exfoliation is not performed with a scrubbing glove, but with a peeling scrub containing ground almonds. The skin is gently freed from dead skin cells, leaving it smooth and velvety to the touch. Almond kernel meal is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphor and copper. It also contains vitamin E, aloe extract, macadamia and avocado oils. Aloe vera has an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, moisturising, skin-protecting and cell-renewing effect. Macadamia oil is excellent for dry skin and slows down the aging process. The treatment continues with a shea butter soap massage. Shea butter is made from the nuts of the shea tree, which grows in the savannahs of West Africa. In cool or cold weather, shea butter protects the skin from drying out and provides excellent care for sensitive skin. 

    The ritual is followed by 15 minutes of relaxation and regeneration, which you can enjoy with a special Turkish tea!

    50 minutes

    Our classic massages


    New Oil Massage

    Gold of Persia Pomegranate Massage

    The pomegranate plant-based massage oil explodes like an energy bomb, with a fresh and soft aroma that pampers the senses and tired muscles alike. Its sweet-sour, juicy fruit scent relaxes, softens, and moisturizes the skin. Why not try our latest massage for yourself or with your partner.

    25 and 50-minute massage 


    Our Christmas Massage - Cinnamon Plum

    Sweetly intoxicating fragrances for cold December days. Our energizing yet pleasantly intoxicating cinnamon-plum oil massage is only available in December. Our treatment for a ‘full body workout' is especially recommended for the Christmas period.

    25 and 50-minute massage 


    Walnut Spell Oil Massage

    A heavenly roasted nut fragrance for the winter months! Walnut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, and thanks to the vitamin E it contains, it makes the skin supple. Relax and unwind at the end of the year with a pampering massage.

    25 and 50-minute massage 


    Relaxation massage

    Stress-free minutes in the Turkish Bath! Our full body massage is performed with lavender oil. Lavender alleviates muscle aches and pains. Our massage therapist pays special attention to problem areas, applying special massage techniques to relieve muscle tension. The pleasant fragrance of lavender is soothing and relaxing.  

    25 minutes and 50 minutes


    Exotic aromatherapy massage

    The full body massage is performed with orange cinnamon massage oil. Orange oil has a potent calming effect and is a mood enhancer. It eases anxiety and its scent brings a seaside atmosphere. Cinnamon oil is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. It stimulates lymphatic circulation and metabolism, as well as helping to eliminate toxins accumulated in the connective tissues. For ladies, it is especially recommended for use on problem areas of the body, as it helps to break down accumulated fat. 

    25 minutes and 50 minutes  


    Sports massage

    An intensive and powerful treatment for hobby or professional athletes. This massage is not only recommended for treating injuries, but also for preventing injuries. Our massage with peppermint-rosemary oil relaxes and soothes the muscles. Our massage therapist will relieve muscle cramps with stroking and tapping movements.

    25 minutes and 50 minutes


    Oriental charm massage

    Rest, relaxation, physical and spiritual rebirth! The pleasant fragrance of yogi oil relaxes and unwinds you and clears all negative thoughts. It will sweep you away to the magical world of the Orient. During the massage, the body is refreshed, and the mind is cleared. Mellow, soft music, sweet scents, full body pampering, that's what our Oriental Charm massage offers you.

    25 minutes and 50 minutes




    Grapeseed oil massage

    The Eger wine region is famous far and wide! But grapes are not only used to make wine; few people know that the oil pressed from its seeds contains many beneficial vitamins and enzymes that refresh, regenerate, and rejuvenate the skin. Our full body massage is recommended for both men and women.

    25 minutes and 50 minutes


    Manager massage

    Our massage is mainly recommended for our guests who are engaged in sedentary work. We concentrate on areas such as the muscles in the neck, back, shoulders and arms that tend to be stiff and tight due to poor posture. The anti-inflammatory and muscle-relaxing effects of peppermint and camphor relieve spasms.

    20 minutes


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