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    Healing massage

    Special massage technique, soothing the painful and problematic areas of the body. This massage relaxes the muscles, easing pain in the back and spine, and has a detoxifying effect by stimulating the body's own metabolism..
    Massage helps our mental and physical health, fights against fatigue, and has a general relaxing and preventive effect.

    25 and 50 minutes

    Padisah's back massage

    Creamy massage focusing on stiff muscles. By creating congestion, this massage relaxes the back, stimulates circulation of the muscles of the back, thus giving back the skin its original flexibility.

    25 minutes

    Padisah's complete body massage

    Applying the creamy massage on the complete body, working on not only the back, but also on the limbs.

    50 minutes

    Aromatherapy massages

    Refreshing aroma massage with peppermint and rosemary
    Peppermint oil relaxes stiff muscles, soothes pain and calms the skin. Rosemary oil stimulates circulation, soothes the pain and tympanies of the joints, relaxes muscle cramps and has a good effect on dislocated joints and on wounds.

    50 minutes

    Relaxingaroma massagewith lavender oil

    Lavender oil eases pain and releases cramps in the muscles. Its mild and soft substances soothe the skin, and have a general healing and relaxing effect. Lavender is also recommended against skin problems.

    50 minutes

    Detoxicating aroma massage with orange and cinnamon oil

    Orange oil balances the skin, stimulates the circulation in the skin and fights effectively against cellulite. By increasing perspiration, even the most problematic skin with slow metabolism will be detoxified. This massage is a good addition to detoxifying treatments, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Cinnamon oil stimulates lymphatic circulation and metabolism, thus getting rid of the toxins in the deeper layers of the connective tissues, eliminating fat cells and helping weight loss as well.

    50 minutes


    Hammam presents the Arabic and Turkish spa culture. The soft warmth, the mysterious lights, scents, foamy peeling and the massage will relax the body and the mind.


    Arnaut pasha's masage (turkish massage and bath)

    Probably one of the most pleasant massages, a real relief for the whole body and mind. The relaxing 50 C° steam bath is followed by a substantial water-peeling on a heated stone bed, with a foamy, soapy olive-oil massage and cold-warm-water rinse. Chilling in the relaxation room would complete the hammam-experience.

    50 minutes

    Suleiman (clear and strong) massage

    Massage of the Turkish spas, on heated stone bed with clear white soap. Refreshing and regenerating program for your back, but complete body massage is also available. To warm up your muscles, steam cabin is recommended before the massage.

    50 minutes

    Gül baba's rosegarden (hammam massage)

    Rose is a symbol for effeminacy, lust and romance.
    Rose was the first flower to give an effective extract; its essential oils and the rosewater has been one of the most precious substances in cosmetics. Its skin-healing and rejuvenating effects are as remarkable as the beauty of a rose.
    Gül Baba's Rosegarden is a special hammam massage that peels the surface of the skin, thus having a detoxicating and refreshing effect.
    Prior to the treatment, 15 minutes in the steam cabine warms up the body, and softens the skin. The skin is cleared on a heated stone bed with special peeling gloves. The treatment is followed by complete body massage with rose oil soap. The soft, sensual scent and regenerating effect of the rose soap completes the luxury treatment. The ritual is finished with a rosewater face wash and 15 minutes relaxation accompanied by unique Turkish rose tea.
    The peeling gloves are presents for our guests. The relaxing treatment regenerates and refreshes the skin.

    50 minutes

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